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About Our Comprehensive Brush Clearing Services

Unwanted or overgrown brush can prevent your land from fulfilling its potential. At West Coast Land Renewal, we offer customized brush clearing services to remove out-of-control vegetation and minimize the risk of fire. Here are a few of the ways that we can help you revitalize your land.

Mowing Down Brush and Small Trees

If your property has excessive brush and too many trees or stumps scattered about, we are here to help. We will work with you to identify any vegetation you wish to remain before we move forward with the brush removal process. We can also trim or remove small trees, opening up your land to serve a new purpose.

Fire Prevention

Too much dry brush can increase the risk of fire. Our fire prevention brush clearing services enable us to minimize your risk and keep your land safer. We will work with you to discuss strategies for keeping your fire risk as low as possible.

Mulching Debris to Enrich the Soil

As we mow overgrown brush and undergrowth, we will mulch this debris and enrichen the soil. This natural process not only clears your land of excessive brush, but your land becomes healthier and more amenable to cultivation.

Creating New, Usable Green Spaces

Once we have trimmed back or cleared out-of-control brush and vegetation, you will be able to enjoy new green spaces. These spaces will allow you to consider the possibilities—from creating a garden to installing a new structure, the freshly-cleared areas are ready to serve a new purpose.

Easier Access For Boundaries and Surveying

Another benefit of brush clearing is that your transformed land will be easier to survey, and your property boundaries will be more clearly defined. As a result, you can minimize your chances of disputes arising over boundary issues.

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