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Light Excavation Services to Repurpose Your Land

If you are looking to transform your land to prepare it for cultivation, development, or another purpose, West Coast Land Renewal can help. Our light excavation services include excavating, drainage installation, pond and pathway building, fire prevention, and dirt excavation. Whatever your specific needs may be, you can trust that our team is here to help you achieve your goals.

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Excavating and Installing Drainage

We are ready to help you excavate your land to prepare it for a different use. We will discuss your vision and develop a strategy for excavating the land, installing any necessary drainage, and readying the land for its new purpose.

Pond Building

If you are looking to add a pond or water feature to your property, our team can help. Our customized pond building services enable us to assess your needs and take the necessary steps to make your dream a reality. 

Road and Pathway Building

At West Coast Land Renewal, we can prepare your property and build a new road or pathway according to your vision. Together, we will assess the steps we will need to take to complete this project. Our goal is to leave you feeling satisfied and excited about this new addition to your property.

Fire Prevention

One of our primary goals with any excavation project is to minimize the risk of fire. We recognize that excessive vegetation and brush can leave a property vulnerable to fire, so we strive to incorporate fire prevention strategies into everything we do.

Dirt Excavation and Hauling

Our light excavation services follow a multi-step process, including analyzing potential hazards, performing a risk assessment and site evaluation, and planning the most strategic plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. You can trust that we will always keep your best interests at heart as we excavate your property, haul debris, and ready the land for its new purpose.

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