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Proudly Providing Comprehensive Land Clearing and Renewal Services to Oregon Customers

Land CLearing

Land clearing refers to the process of removing trees, shrubs, rocks, and other obstructions so you can farm or develop a piece of land. For the most part, we leave the topography of the landscape alone, leaving you with a clean and clear piece of land that’s free of obstructions or debris. Our process includes the removal of any existing structures, marking any vegetation you want to remain on the land, getting rid of all remaining vegetation and debris, and preparing the land to accommodate your needs. At West Coast Land Renewal, we strive to provide top-quality land-clearing services that suit your budget. Our goal is to move through this process as intentionally and responsibly as possible, allowing you to put your land development project into motion.

Brush Clearing

If your land is covered in layers of thick and dense brush, shrubs, or other vegetation, the dedicated team at West Coast Land Renewal is here to help. Removing brush can seem like a daunting task, which is why we’re committed to performing this service as efficiently and effectively as possible. We recognize that the presence of excessive brush poses a fire risk, and brush that has grown rampant may have blocked your view, encroached on your home, or prevented you from using your land in other ways. With the help of our machines, we will clear brush from your property, making sure to preserve the vegetation you want to keep. As we work, we will chip the brush and encourage this material to absorb back into the soil as mulch. If you’re ready to rid your land of overgrown brush, give us a call today.

Light Excavation

At West Coast Land Renewal, we help landowners excavate their property to prepare it for cultivation or development. Our light excavation services follow a multi-step process, including analyzing potential hazards, performing a risk assessment and site evaluation, and planning the most strategic plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. Our highly-trained operators use the best machines and equipment to get the job done. Whether you are looking to remove rocks, level the landscape, or make it more amenable to cultivation or development, you can trust that our team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

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