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West Coast Land Removal offers comprehensive and customized land clearing services to rejuvenate the soil and prepare it to serve a new purpose. From debris removal and hauling to leveling the land, we can do it all. We believe in working with you to discuss your goals to ensure that we move forward strategically and efficiently. Here are just a few of the land clearing services we provide.

Land Clearing Services

Fire Prevention

We recognize that excessive debris like overgrown shrubbery can make land more susceptible to fire. Our fire prevention services allow us to survey your land and remove unwanted vegetation to decrease the risk of fire. We will work with you to identify fire hazards on your land and remove any fire-prone debris.

Site Preparation

As a property owner, having land that’s laden with large rocks, tree stumps, or other debris can prevent you from getting the most out of your property. We offer comprehensive site preparation services, allowing us to identify and remove unwanted vegetation and debris. Essentially, we aim to transform your land into a blank canvas so you can use it for cultivation, construction, or another purpose.

Removing Trees, Rocks, and Debris

We have the tools, equipment, and experience to remove all types of barriers and objects from your property. We can remove large rocks, broken glass, pieces of steel, or similar materials scattered around your land. Our goal is to remove unwanted debris as safely and strategically as possible.

Mowing Down Vegetation

Vegetation can grow out of control without regular care, which is why our team is prepared to mow down overgrown brush, grass, undergrowth, and blackberry bushes. We will work with you to identify the vegetation you wish to keep before we remove, mow down, or trim plants or bushes that have taken over your land. As we move unwanted brush, we will pile up this vegetation into burn piles for easy disposal.

Debris Hauling

Once we’ve cleared your land of unwanted debris, we will haul it off your property. You will finally get to enjoy your newly repurposed land.

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